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About - Acharyaa Hareesh Raman, Astrologer in Coimbatore


Vedas and its Divinity

Vedas are treasure trove of knowledge of Hindus. They are not written by humans. Billions of years ago, after deep penance, sages were able to hear the voice of God which they called Veda. The sages gave that knowledge to their disciples. In this way, Vedas descended from generations to generations and still guiding the human beings regarding the correct path of living. Vedas tell us to lead a spiritual life that is filled with peace, non- violence and helping others. Vedas are divided into 4 types: Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda and Atharvana Veda. Vedic knowledge is also spread into smritis, upanishads and puraanas.

Kp Methodlogy


Mr. R. Gopalakrishnarao (Meena) and Mr. KS Krishnamurthy are two of the best intellectuals of the period of astrology in the last century.At the end of their research, they discovered that a planet is the star of the planet, and the Upanishadra benefits from it.

The celestial galaxy is divided into 243 divisions of 27 stars in the zodiac and Vimsodatari Dasa based on 9 parts (27x9 = 243).The subdivision of this subdivision is named.

Mr. KS Krishnamurthy, who conducted the study from Mr. Meena's foundation, further enhanced these 243 subcategories by dividing the constellation into 249 sub- divisions with 243 sub-stars and 6 sub-stars, with the Moon and Rahu sub-divisions in the constellations of the Sun, Guru.

In particular, Mr. KSK studied and improved it to such an extent that it subverted these sub-stars and put an end to astrology and calculations.And in determining the benefit of horoscopes, he took the astrological field one step further, first for its next evolution.

What is KP Stellar Astrology?

The evolution of astrology must start from the horoscope of horoscope.The wall itself can be painted.Determining the benefits of a horoscope that is not scientifically mathematical is like tying the water.

Can we say that the zodiacal system, which is traditionally predicted for a given time, is the only zodiacal time.I remind the readers that the period of about two hours will be on the same zodiac (same sign).

At the same time, most of the planets and lanterns, except for a few planets (at the same time), are almost identical to those born in that month.I would like to think about how this horoscope can be determined by a general astronomical astronomer with an astrologer.

The above comments have long been a controversy for the astrological industry,KP.Astrology has geometric mathematics with science stages for putting an end to it.

And the KP system developed by Mr. KS Krishnamurthy gives a clear explanation of planets and sins.That is, the astronomical genius and astrologer Professor Mr. KS Krishnamurthy, who lived in the last century, who excelled in the scientific work of astrology, threw away the scientific debris in astrology.

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